Red Penguin Associates

An independent multidisciplinary marine consultancy specialising in submarine cable projects.

Red Penguin Associates is one of Europe's leading multidisciplinary marine and cable engineering consultancies supplying professional expertise, solutions and support to the submarine cable industry and its wider market. Red Penguin's extensive experience provides clients with the knowledge and insight necessary for effective risk management as well as supporting informed decision making.

From early concept development throughout design, planning and engineering phases Red Penguin’s expertise and advice brings significant benefits to owners and operators seeking to understand and avoid risks inherent in major marine construction projects.

During construction and operational phases Red Penguin delivers effective technical support across all areas of a project. By informed on site surveillance we enable reinforcement of HSE risk control and enhance the QA/QC process to project objectives.

Our experience in operations and maintenance provides effective support to O&M teams. Red Penguin has extensive experience developing strategies for maintenance solutions, preparedness planning and audit, together with fault response support. 

Red Penguin’s specialist knowledge is applicable and transferable to a wider range of issues across the maritime sector with multidisciplinary expertise available to support commercial, legal and insurance teams.

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