Electrical Interconnectors

With direct involvement in the development, construction, management and maintenance of many significant submarine transmission projects in recent years, Red Penguin is a leading consultant in this specialist sector.

Significant involvement in more than 3000 km of installed HVDC cable and a further 4000 km of potential HVDC route development, demonstrates a strong track record in long range electrical transmission system construction and development. Our experience includes numerous shorter range HVAC links where a different set of challenges to those of longer range systems often prevail.

Red Penguin is able to bring relevant experienced based advice to any stage of a project from concept verification, strategy and programme development, system route engineering and protection design, cost modelling, consent acquisition, procurement, construction, to O&M systems and preparedness.

Red Penguin

A leading consultant in the power transmission sector, with a wealth of experience in the HVAC and HVDC sectors.

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